Questions & Answers

Q.   What are Transoms and Mullions?
  Transoms and mullions are the vertical (mullion) and horizontal sections which divide windows into more than one piece.

Q.   What is the difference between Astragal bar and a Georgian bar?
   Georgian bars are between the panes of glass inside the unit. Astragal bars are fixed to the outside of the glass unit and look more authentic.

Q.   What is the difference between Espag and Shootbolt locking on a window?
A.   Espag locking uses two rollers. Shootbolts have additional rods which extend outwards from the edges of the opener into the frame at each side.

Q.   What is the minimum size required for an Egress hinge on a fire escape opening?
A.   The minimum 615mm (the minimum aperture must be a least 0.33m2 and not less than 450mm in width or height).

Q.   What is a Low threshold on a door?
A.   The threshold of a door is the bottom rail of the frame (the piece you step over) there are three sizes of thresholds available for residential doors.
Standard threshold 75mm high (largest dimension). PVC low threshold 60 mm high (largest dimension) and aluminium low threshold 26mm high (largest dimension) measurement from the outside of the frame to the centre of the mullion is .

Q.   Where is Toughened glass required?
A.   Toughened glass is required in doors, side panels, and windows below 800mm from the floor or within 300mm of a door (please see the chart in “window training” section of this website).

Q.   What measurements are required for bays?
A.   The sizes required for bays will be the internal window sizes and the bay angles (please see the “window training” section of this website).

Q.   Should my order show the outside or inside view?
A.   All drawings must be viewed from the outside

Q.   What is the guarantee?
A.   The guarantee provided to Eurocell from DWC is: Window (profile and manufacture) 5 years, hardware 1 year and glass 5 Years. Eurocell may offer a different guarantee if they wish (consult your area manager)

Q.   What is the difference between Chamfered and Ovolo frames and beading?
A.   Chamfered frames and beads have a simple shape. Ovolo frames and beads are more ornate (please see the diagram in “window training” section of this website).

Q.  What colour spacer bars do we use?
A.  Black super – spacer bar only!

Q.  What are the lead times for delivery?
A.  Lead times are dependent on frame colour, delivery area and special items. Delivery dates should always be confirmed with the help desk.
7-10 working days for normal white products
Coloured product, Lead, Georian Bar, Bevels. Approx 10-14 working days
Arch/shaped frames approx 6-8 weeks
Special orders approx 12 weeks

Q.  What are times of delivery?
A.  Our delivery’s are between 8am and 5pm. We suggest giving your customer the collection date for the day after your delivery.

Q.  What should I do if I have faulty, scratched, marked, products?
A.  Any problems to be notified within 48 hours. Firstly fax over what the problems are with the relevant references ie; your order number or our E number. Phone the help desk to ensure they have received the fax they will then deal with the issues the same day.

Q.  What if we want to cancel an order?
A.  Once an order has been placed it can be cancelled however if it’s already in our system we would charge for work to date.

Q.  Why don’t we tape units?
A.  We do not tape units because our units have been given an “A” rated (untaped).
Taped units have a higher failure rate because they can hold water which would cause failure.